A Message From Rita ...

It's been a long time since I've written this blog on my website. So much has happened. My son is going to be a teenager this year! I just can't...

There has been major changes and unrest in the world and this country. I won't lie, I find it very distressing. But I'm working hard to see it as a chance to grow as a nation. To expose the hatred, racism, bigotry, sexism, for what it is ... Fear of others. To shine a light on it and hopefully lessen its hold on people. It's a terrifying time, but as a great man said, "darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that." - MLK. I'm really trying to remember these words, even as I admit to a large amount of anger and sadness. What helps is gratitude for the blessings I have, and they are many.

One blessing is career opportunities that continue to challenge me to change and grow. I'm firmly in the "mom role" category. Having recently played Helen in "Fun Home" and Ethel in "Footloose," but none more life-changing than the role of Diana in "Next to Normal". I do mean life changing in every way. I'm a different actor, singer, and person for having taken on telling that story and facing some deep fears.

Another blessing has been putting together, performing, and booking my tribute concert, "Heart Like A Wheel: The Music of Linda Ronstadt". It's been such a joy to research this amazing artist, her life, her career, her music. She's a hero of mine because she refused to be pigeon-holed. She sang so many different styles as long as it moved her and her audience. It is so much fun to be able to use all the different facets of my voice the way she did. And she was so beloved! So many hit songs! The show has been a big success. In fact, we just booked a date at the legendary Triad theater in NYC! See you there on May 25th!

Of course, my most important blessings are my family! My husband Neil continues to be a force of nature, producing, performing and producing new concerts, and getting his full musicals written and produced! Watch out for "The 12," "Grumpy Old Men", "Never Grimm," and several others! I can't tell any details yet, but exciting things are happening! And then there's my light in my life, our Lucas (his name means "bearer of light"). We're so proud of the smart, kind young man he is becoming, and we're having fun watching him grow as a baseball player!

Thanks for stopping by my site! Until next time!