A Message From Rita ...

Hello everyone,

Thanks for stopping by. I feel like there are major changes brewing on every level. This country, this world, and I personally am due for an overhaul. The environment, the war and the state of our government are on my mind a lot lately. I find myself asking what the trials and tribulations of one actress/singer/mommy could possibly have to do with such big problems. Well not much, except that we all have a responsibility to find peace with in ourselves and to let that peace radiate to others. We also need to raise our children to do that same. All this is just to say that I was feeling a little down until I spoke to some of you after a concert.

I'm always amazed and happy to see how much music and live performance can touch people. How much people can be inspired. I feel not only blessed to be able to do what I love to do, but to know that I'm doing my small part to make people happy and make to world a better place. People need art, music, and inspiration in their lives. I thank you all for letting me try to provide this for you. I still think there needs to be some concrete changes in the way we think about our world. We need to treat other people, other countries and our earth with compassion. But maybe opening our hearts to the arts is place to start.

All right, enough "Deep Thoughts", here is the update: Lucas will be two soon! Wow, time flies! He is now hitting a baseball off a tee like a pro (I'm not joking) which of course doesn't thrill his daddy or anything..., also he is singing little "songs" to us that he makes up with his toy piano. Can you say 'chip off the old block'? Speaking of Neil, I am so proud of his latest venture, a huge fully-orchestrated concept CD of "The Man Who Would be King" the musical. It is STUNNING! I can't wait until the public gets to hear it. Stay tuned to find out how.

Me, well as I said it's time for change. I'm looking at new roles and new songs and new ways to express myself now that I am no longer the "young ingènue". This has been an adjustment in my mind but also very exciting. The thought of taking on some more challenging and interesting projects is very intriguing. I recently played Curley's Wife in a very well received reading of Of Mice and Men at the York Theater. It really whet my appetite for more. In the meantime, it is always a joy to perform in Neil's concerts and projects. The producer of Grumpy Old Men (a new show for which Neil happens to be writing the score) has asked me to read the role of Melanie in a huge backer's reading in November. I can't divulge secrets, but some pretty big stars are going to be involved so stay tuned for that!

There are soon to be new pictures and features on this site so enjoy! And if you happen to see us in concert say hello afterwards!

Love and PEACE, Rita

Rita Harvey