Rita Harvey deploys her silvery soprano (and winning sense of humor) as the damsel in distress.
Rita Harvey makes a great deal out of her role as Christine's landlady, gossipy and malicious in a very artful manner.
Especially notable was soprano Rita Harvey ... [she] sings with freshness, remarkable flexibility and beauty of tone.
Rita Harvey... has a sweet sound. Her voice is beautiful, very easy on the ears.
Rita Harvey makes a fine impression ... [she] sings with great beauty and conveys a sense of grace...
A tiny, pixie-like creature with fine, pretty features, Rita opens her mouth and blows her viewers away with her very big voice.
Soprano Rita Harvey offered youthful exuberance and lyrical tone...
Harvey's voice is like cooling cream, effortless rising.
Rita Harvey [is a] personable and persuasive performer with [a] beautiful singing voice...
Her lilting, extraordinary soprano voice, paired with the loving, playful relationship she portrays with her son is an important and sustaining element to the story.

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